“Re-visiting tradition with a present-day perspective”

The contest

Tradition creates practical objects with an intuitive design that evolves with its use, adapting to the needs of each era, place and user. These are necessary objects for daily life, designed for optimal use, which have achieved simplicity with perfect functional efficiency through years and inherited knowledge obtained through practice and profession. This utilitarian craftwork, inspired by tradition, represents a richness that is often threatened by disappearance.

What happens to those objects that, like traditionally worn hats, have seen their evolution interrupted due to disuse?

How would they have evolved if they had continued to fulfill their real function? 

Would they evolve in their aesthetics or materials? Would they lead to new uses?

To attempt to creatively answer these questions, we propose interpreting three characteristic hats of Galician tradition: “pucho”, “sancosmeiro” and “monteira”

We have finalists!

We know the seven finalist pieces for the First Asnot’s Hatmaking Award. It has been very exciting to see your re-visitations of these three hats of our tradition.

Very proud!

We show you a front image of each piece.

And remember that from July 18th to 25th you can visit the exhibition of the pieces in Padrón (A Coruña), in the shop-windows of one of the main streets of the old town.


“Sancosmeiro BERLÍN”
Stephan Dietrich
(Re-visit: sancosmeiro)

“Vilariño ao aire”
Julia Vilariño
(Re-visit: monteira)

Constantino Menéndez
(Re-visit: pucho)

“Dancing like the sun”
Amber Van Thull
(Re-visit: sancosmeiro)

Sara Wendy
(Re-visit: monteira)

“Sancosmeiro PARÍS”
Stephan Dietrich
(Re-visit: sancosmeiro)


Marta Estévez
(Re-visit: pucho)

2024 Calendar (NEW DATES!)

April 11th- June 23th July 4th
Contest registration (participation form)

June 24th July 5th
Finalists Selection

July 7th July 15th
Last day to receive finalist pieces

July 14th July 18th – July 25th
Exhibition finalist hats

July 17th July 20th
Winners Selection (professional & apprentice)

July 24th
Awards Ceremony (Asnot 2024)