The bizarre and respectful parody of Ascot.

Asnot is a festival 2000 kilometers from Ascot, Berkshire (UK), nowhere near the site of the British horse racing festival it’s playfully parodying. Asnot is in Padrón (Galicia, SPAIN), north-western Spain where, since 2014, has captivated locals and turned their town into a temporary living theatre.

Asnot is “made in Galiciahats, participation, humor, community.

Xoia da Coroa. Asnot 2019

Asnot is the intergenerational festival of music, theater and other arts in which the
public is the protagonist when they come with their personalized hat and their best

Surprise and disbelief are some of the reactions that people have when they see this
festival for the first time. The old town of Padrón becomes a theatrical stage in which the cast of actors intermingles closely with the attendees, infecting them with the spirit and magic of the festival. The person who goes to Asnot becomes their character and gets involved from the moment they design their hat to enjoy the concerts, activities and other proposals offered by the festival.

It all began with a simple idea: to update an outdated tradition.

For roughly 50 years Padrón had been hosting an anachronistic donkey race. According to Asnot organisers, they set out to bring some glamour and charm to a new style of gathering, at which donkeys would be the focus of protection rather than racing.

A paso lento. Asnot 2019

British punctuality!

Asnot wait for you every July 24 in Padrón (Spain) with your creative and surprising hat!